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I'm Nicole / I'm 16 / I'm Filipina

The story of this photo: I was standing where everyone else was when Donghae decided to do some fan service around our area. When he got there, everyone started screaming for him and trying to get close. Knowing that he didn’t like this, I tried to keep my cool and pushed my phone forward. I think he didn’t actually wanted to take it so he ignored it. But, my new found friends pointed at my phone and Hae took it. And you know what he did? If you’re going to say he took a pic well, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG. He didn’t take a pic. Instead he FUCKING KEPT IT IN HIS POCKET AND STARED AT ME. He freaking stared at me and I had a nervous breakdown because my mother would kill me if I lose my iPhone and this is Lee FUCKING Donghae who stared at me! Anywaaaays. After enjoying my incessant screaming of: “Oppa, andwae! Oppa, andwae!” He did the next thing I seriously did not expect. HE FREAKING WALKED AWAY WITH MY PHONE. And again, cue my nervous breakdown. He walked away for like a minute or so, enjoying my pain before he returned and decided to yes, take a picture. BUT WAIT. It is far from over. After taking the picture, HE WENT THROUGH MY PHONE. JFC I GOT SO EMBARRASSED CAUSE HE MIGHT SEE SOMETHING HE SHOULDN’T. Again, cue the “Oppa, andwae!” part. And, AGAIN, he seemed to enjoy me screaming like crazy and begging. Fast forward he CALLED MY MOTHER. I found out that he was messing with my contacts when he showed me the screen and it read: Mommy. So, i started screaming “Umma!” so he would know that he pressed my mothers contact number. And you know what he did after hearing that? HE SAID HELLO MOMMY TO MY PHONE. JFC MY FUCKING FEELS. I KEPT SCREAMING AND LOST MY COOL! BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CALM WHEN LEE DONGHAE IS IN FRONT OF YOU AND JUST CALLED YOUR MOM AS HIS MOMMY. Anyways, fast forward and he returned my phone :) And I’ve got to say, I WISH HE TOOK ME INSTEAD /bricked/

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